New Product

Shell cover with sleep function support

for PocketBook 6'' series

Size: 178 x 120 x 12mm

Weight: 115 g

Fabric: PU-leather (100% polyurethane)

Compatible with 6" models: Touch HD, Touch HD 2

EUR 24.90
Tax incl.


The stylish Shell Series covers fit 6-inch PocketBook readers. The device stays securely in the case with the plastic housing and the front cover protects the screen. The magnets do not open the cover accidentally. Shells made of high quality, durable and comfortable feel. PocketBook Touch HD and Touch HD 2 shields have superb art prints. The 6-inch PocketBook Shell protector supports sleep function, which saves a lot of battery charge.

Compatibility: PocketBook Touch HD and PocketBook Touch HD 2

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